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Government entities have distinct needs in the area of technology. City, state and federal governments, as well as educational organizations, all have varying objectives with their technological abilities. INTANDEM has designed and implemented entire wide-area networks throughout entire cities for data and Voice over IP. INTANDEM develops and implements technology plans for Homeland Security grants and various other grants awarded for technology and security. Every team member at INTANDEM has been through rigorous background screening and are proven experts in their field.

INTANDEM understands the uniqueness of government and educational needs and is equipped to assist each organization in their technological efforts. Over the years, INTANDEM has helped numerous organizations take advantage of emerging technologies to enhance their IT and communications efforts. The company has implemented various technologies and provided ongoing services for a number of organizations. Further, INTANDEM can assist government entities in learning about available funds that may help each organization in implementing new technologies while minimizing costs.

Today’s technological advancements are providing the ability to perform any number of tasks and INTANDEM is proactive in educating its team about these emerging technologies. The company’s staff is experienced and certified in numerous technologies. With its credentials and its reputation for providing exceptional service and quality products, INTANDEM is prepared to help you and your organization achieve your technological goals.